Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

Spring is finally starting to show up, and so we took the kids to Marblehead Lighthouse State Park yesterday to enjoy the weather.

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park
Earlier this Spring, the wife and I took the kids out to Marblehead Lighthouse State Park in Marblehead, OH when the weather was somewhat nice.

Honestly, it couldn’t have been a better day; unless, of course, the temps were a little warmer than 55°F. It didn’t help that the cool air from Lake Erie was gently blowing, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few pics before we left.

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The official first post on Lost in Ohio, including a brief introduction.

So many ideas, so many websites, so little execution.

That pretty much sums up my goals and ambitions for the past 2 years, and after sitting back to really think about what I wanted out of those sites, I realized that I don’t need a separate site for every topic I wanted to talk about.

I decided to start fresh once again and focus on one central website for the many topics that interest me, such as photography, history, writing, and technology.

Lost in Ohio will be my new home on the web starting today. I will bring content from the other sites over here in the near future once I get everything setup the way I’d like.

Until then, however, this will be pretty bare. Sorry about that. But fear not! I love to write and have lots of ideas and topics ready to be written.
Why the name Lost in Ohio?

Well, to put it short, I was born in Ohio and raised primarily in North Carolina. After living here for 20 years now, I still feel out-of-place. But, it’s not depressing at all. I’ve had many ups, downs, and adventures like everyone else and it’s time I write about them.

Stick around — I promise it won’t be boring.